About Us

GBCS began as the dream of local parents, educators, and community members who believed that a public school dedicated to individualized instruction, parental involvement, and social awareness could flourish in our community. After two years of hard work GBCS opened in September of 1998 with 88 students in grades K through 6. From the very beginning, families came to value the dedicated teachers, innovative educational program, and positive school culture. For the first time in a generation, there was a fully representative public school in downtown New Brunswick – a school that drew its membership from an urban/suburban region that reflected the wonderful diversity of central New Jersey.

“New Brunswick Tomorrow recognizes the key role the Greater Brunswick Charter School has played in the community…Beyond their own children, GBCS reaches out to children throughout the community…” – Jeffrey Vega, President New Brunswick Tomorrow

In 2004, thanks to a $500,000 grant from the federal government and a $2.5 million mortgage loan from New Jersey Community Capital and the Community Redevelopment Fund, GBCS purchased its current building, a former bowling alley, and finally had a place to call its own in a revitalized neighborhood a short walk from downtown New Brunswick.

Greater Brunswick Charter School has played an important role in providing high quality, comprehensive, community centered and community sensitive educational services to the residents of the Greater New Brunswick community. – Reverend Lisanne Finston, Executive Director, Elijah’s Promise

Today, GBCS has established itself throughout Middlesex County as a quality public school of choice. Our school has become woven into the fabric of our community, enjoying productive partnerships with arts organizations, libraries, hospitals, colleges, universities, child-care programs, businesses, and cultural institutions throughout New Brunswick. Our students benefit daily from the connections we draw between classroom learning and the wider world.

“GBCS has been a leader in high quality public education throughout New Jersey. Their excellent work and commitment to disseminate knowledge is leading to great changes in education, which we as a community have only begun to witness.” – Brian Keenan, President, Building with Purpose

IMG2GBCS has also become a place where master teachers share their expertise with colleagues throughout the profession. Rutgers University, Montclair State University, Kean University, and Middlesex County College are just a few of the institutions that have sent their students for training and field study at GBCS. A partnership with the Rutgers Center for Media Studies, the Buck Education Institute, and the George Lucas Education Foundation led to a documentary about project-based learning that has been distributed throughout the world. One tear, our partnership with the South Africa Initiative of the Rutgers Graduate School of Education has brought prominent South African educators into our classes and provided opportunities for collaboration between schools. Through a federal charter school dissemination grant, GBCS has helped start the Gaining Ground Charter School Facility Initiative which has provided facility assistance to nearly half the charter schools in New Jersey.

The Greater Brunswick Charter School has successfully served both children and parents in our community as an additional option in education…We are so very proud to have GBCS as part of our community. – James M. Cahill, Mayor City of New Brunswick

IMG3Looking ahead, GBCS is getting bigger and better. We have grown from 88 to 340 students, and are on our way to a full enrollment of 360 next year. We have our own newly renovated building, which allowed us to add classrooms, a gym, a science lab, and other Specials spaces. At its full size, GBCS will still be a small, family-friendly school. The additional enrollment will enable us to offer a broader range of support services, arts programming, and extra-curricular activities. Students at GBCS are learning to be active participants in their communities as they master the social and academic skills they will need to succeed. We are committed to educating the whole child, and we dedicate the time and resources needed to understand the different ways students learn. We seek to create a true learning community as we develop lasting partnerships within our school membership and beyond.

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