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Lustig Dance Theatre at GBCS 

How would you convey the water cycle in movement? Twenty Fifth Grade students are doing just that, using the language of the body in a seven-week Creative Movement artist residency through Lustig Dance Theatre of New Brunswick.  An Arter Charter Grant funded by the Dodge Foundation has allowed these students to incorporate scientific knowledge with movement in a cooperative setting to create a whole class performance for the younger grades.   According to the National Dance Education Organization, the benefits of dance in schools include:

 -Physical Development: Using a wide range of movements and motion patterns, students develop coordination and kinesthetic memory.

 -Emotional Maturity: Students are exposed to a wide range of emotions they can express through movement and therefore develop more self-awareness.

-Social Awareness: Students learn to communicate accurately to work through the challenges of collaborating. 

-Cognitive Development: Movement helps students link ideas and explore problems in many dimensions.


For more information on dance in schools, please visit:  

For information on Lustig Dance Theatre, visit:  www.lustigdancetheatre.org/

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