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Fall Updates from the Art Studio 

The beginning of the school year is such a great time to make a fresh start.  Here in the art room we are doing just that, with the help of some new equipment that has just arrived.

Last year, thanks to an Arter Charter grant, funded generously by the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, we were able to purchase equipment to grow our art and music program.  For visual art, our main goal was to create a ceramic program and make space for the display of student artwork.

photo 4

Our new wedging table has allowed us to recycle all the scrap clay we have collected from previous years.  We love sticking our hands in wet clay!

photo 1

Our shiny wheel will allow us to throw pots and teach us about physics.  Even our teachers are excited for some lessons!

photo 2

Here is Mr. Garcia helping to make large bulletin boards for our hallway by stretching some linen over large sheets of Homasote.


photo 3

And finally, kiln posts stand at attention, ready for the day we will fire our kiln.

Posted by george.newton On 05 June, 2015 at 12:12 PM