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Dual Language at GBCS 

The Dual Immersion Language Program services both Spanish speaking students who need to learn English and students who want to learn Spanish as a second language. The Design of the Dual Language Immersion Program reflects the most current research on second language acquisition.

● Classes are integrated to promote cultural and language exchanges among the students.
● Students learn both languages through content area instruction

The 50/50 model is delivered at the elementary level for all core subjects. This year the program goes through 3rd grade and will eventually expand through 5th grade. At the Middle School level we are planning for students
to participate in advanced level Spanish classes to support current ability, which will prepare them for higher levels of Spanish classes in high school.

The Dual Language Immersion Program is committed to preparing our children for success in the XXI century. Mastery of
more than one language and understanding and appreciation of cultural and linguistic diversity, greatly contributes to the success in our community. In a speech, President Barrack Obama spoke about Education Reform and said “We
should be emphasizing foreign languages in our schools from an early age”. Furthermore research has shown that
early childhood is an excellent level to begin second language learning and to develop cross-cultural appreciation. To this end, our Dual Immersion Language Program takes advantage of the diverse linguistic and cultural natural resources our children can bring to the classroom from their homes.

● To develop bilingual, bilateral and cognitive skills in English and Spanish
● To reach higher levels of achievement on standardized tests in both English and Spanish
● To promote positive cross-cultural understanding and appreciation by integrating culturally and linguistically
diverse students in classrooms.
● To develop positive self-esteem through sharing family and cultural traditions.
● To develop a respect for multiculturalism through the use of a variety of literature and other materials.

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Posted by george.newton On 05 June, 2015 at 12:15 PM