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Oh This Crazy Weather! 

I don’t know about all of you, but I am ready for spring.  This cold weather is difficult to deal with on a personal level and it creates unique problems for schools.  We have used three snow days so far this year and our calendar allows for two.  This means that we need to make up one day.  That day will be on February 14th.  This was scheduled for an in-service day for teachers and a day off for students, but instead it will be a regular school day for everyone.  Teachers and students will be off on Monday, February 17th.  If we have another snow day, we will need to use the Monday after spring break as a regular school day.  Please remember that when making plans.

In bad weather, dismissal is always a struggle.  Parents want to get their children quickly and the school wants to do what is the best for all of us.  We tried a new dismissal procedure last week during our early dismissal which was successful.  Walkers and those taking a bus were dismissed normally and everyone else was dismissed from the gym.  We will be using this in the future for bad weather.  That means heavy rain, snow or extreme cold.  Dismissing from the gym keeps your children and the teachers safe from the effects of the bad weather.

The office was swamped last week with people picking students up prior to dismissal.  We can’t prevent you from doing this but it does create a bit of chaos with crowds in the office and many phone calls to classrooms.  We encourage you to wait until normal dismissal time whenever possible.  Regular dismissal is three and early dismissal is 1:35.  There is one restriction, however, that we will follow.  Students will not be dismissed in the last 15 – 20 min before the scheduled time.  That means 2:45 on a normal day and 1:15 on an early dismissal day.  Teachers need that time to get their classes ready for dismissal and if we continually interrupt them it makes it very difficult.

We ask that when students are dismissed from the gym parents make sure they speak with the teacher before taking their child.

Thank you all for your help and cooperation on our last early dismissal day.  It was a stressful day for all.  I appreciated the cooperation and patience of parents and I appreciated the efforts of our teachers.  Teachers stayed around making sure that all students were safe before they left for home themselves.  For some, the ride home turned into a 3-5 hour adventure.

Stay safe and warm through the remainder of this cold spell.

Posted by george.newton On 05 June, 2015 at 12:15 PM